Anonymous resident leaves special gift for West Monroe Police

Local News

“On the weekends we do security details throughout the city and on this particular day, we had an officer at Tinseltown,” says Sergeant C.J. Beck, West Monroe Police Department.

That officer, Corporal Vernon Pettengill.

“He is one of our senior officers, our senior corporals. He is also with our crime scene unit,” says Beck.

Corporal Pettengill came out to his vehicle and noticed a citizen in the community left him something special.

“He came out to his vehicle, which was out in the parking lot, and he found this letter, which was a thank you letter,” says Beck.

It also contained another token of appreciation, 10-dollars for lunch.

Sergeant C.J. Beck with the West Monroe Police Department says these letters reaffirm why they joined the department.

“It’s an honor for us to get these types of messages, to know that we are appreciated. it also just motivates us even further to do great things for the community and know that the community really appreciates their law enforcement,” says Beck.

Sergeant Beck says he wants residents to know that with all the havoc involving law enforcement lately, there are still cops out there who care.

“We would like the community to know that we care about our citizens within this community. We want to stay active with the citizens, and we love their involvement with our agency,” says Beck.

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