RINGGOLD, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — Four people were arrested in Bienville Parish after a missing man’s remains were found near their property.

In late September, Davyta Gray was brutally mauled by 12 dogs, was bitten over 100 times, and hospitalized.

He endured over five surgeries in order to save his arm from amputation.

“I didn’t have any strength to fight them anymore, so I just prayed. I just blacked out,” says Gray.

According to the Bienville Parish Journal, the owners of the dogs responsible for the attack were arrested in connection to the human remains found last Friday evening, October 27.

The human remains were found in a large black trash bag and were sent for forensic autopsy, however, according to the Bienville Parish Sheriff John Ballance there was enough evidence to confirm the missing person as Donovan Brooks.

The Bienville Sheriff’s Department believes this attack was just one day before the attack on Devyta Gray. Lakeyshia Brown-James says Justice has prevailed with the arrests.

According to Sheriff Ballance, this would be the second attack on Pine Street in one month.

“His strength in his leg is nothing. They had to remove a vein out of his leg and put it in his arm in order to save his arm so now he has to strengthen his leg back up,” says Devyta Gray’s aunt, Lakeyshia Brown-James.

The 26 dogs were seized and quarantined: nine large breed dogs, 17 small breeds, and four puppies were seized from the property.

“For him to get attacked and that possibly be the reason another individual died, that’s only right,” says Brown-James.

But Gray sees it differently. He is just happy to have a second chance at life. And doesn’t wish jail on anyone.

“I’ve been to jail before I wouldn’t wish that on nobody. I wouldn’t wish that on- I wouldn’t do that. I know how it feels to be in there. Miserable. Worried about people, can’t do nothing for them. I know that feeling. I don’t wish that on nobody. I’m just good to have my life,” says survivor Gray.

According to Bienville Parish Journal, the owners, 77-year-old Charlotte Hubbard, Shawn Hubbard, and Gerald Miller have been charged with negligent homicide and obstruction of justice and Cameron Kelly for accessory after the fact. They were all taken to the Bienville Parish Jail.

The dogs were transported to a holding facility until a judge decides their fate in the coming days.