NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- At least two potential jurors have been excused this far out of 94.

During the first part of Day 2, the judge and attorneys spent the morning half taking the potential jurors, one-by-one behind closed doors in the Judge’s Chambers for questions, which could help weed out the jurors they don’t want.

There are less than 30 potential jurors left that need to be questioned. At 11:04 A.M. Tuesday morning, they were only on number 50 out of the 92 left.

We are being told that the goal is to have a full jury selected by noon today but, with the rate they are going at, it seems like it might take longer.
Keep in mind they have to select 12 jurors plus alternates.

As District Attorney Jason Williams was walking up Tuesday morning, WGNO asked Williams how confident he is feeling going into day two and he said he feels “amazing.”

Then Williams said quote, “Both judges are amazing and jury selection is going well.”

He didn’t reply when asked who is running the DA’s Office while the trial goes, nor did he give us any insight on his defense for the trial.

“I wish we could have tried this case and gotten it behind us. It’s frustrating that it took this long but, I’m glad we are here,” said Jason Williams, District Attorney.

We also caught up with Nicole Burdett, William’s former law partner as she arrived for day two. We asked Burdett what her message was to anyone who believed she lied or cheated on taxes, she attempted to avoid the question but, we were able to hear briefly get a statement from her.

“Judge says we will handle all these matters in court,” said Nicole Burdett.

Once a jury is selected, next will be opening arguments.
If Jason Williams is convicted, our WGNO legal analyst says, either an assistant D.A. will temporarily take over or a new D.A. for Orleans Parish could be appointed by the State Attorney General.