HAUGHTON, La (KTAL/KMSS) – A Ukrainian family that fled the war in their homeland with their children, and arrived in Louisiana with only one suitcase, says they have found peace in Louisiana.

The Molocov family left Ukraine last year and says they have faced many challenges since they arrived in the United States. Some of those challenges have been substantial, too.

The family was not able to speak English when they arrived. They needed social security cards and driver’s licenses.  

The struggles were real, and that’s not even touching upon the emotional hardships the family was simultaneously experiencing.

“We miss Ukraine, our family, or jobs in Ukraine, “said Mykola Molokov.

But the family is also happy about the fresh start.

On September 14, 2022, Mykola, his wife Mariia, and two sons Mykola and Roman arrived in the ArkLaTex with only one suitcase after Russia’s attack on their homeland abruptly changed their lives. After fleeing their war-torn country, they say they have found peace in Louisiana. 

“New opportunities, new friends, no war for our children, for our family, “said Molokov. 

But that doesn’t mean that the decision to leave everything behind and start over in a new culture hasn’t changed them.

“We felt ourselves different. Different. Because we left our country, our family, our jobs in Ukraine, “said Molokov. 

The Molokovs arrived in Louisiana thanks to the kindness of Mitzie and David Cochrane, who sponsored and will be fostering the family for two years.

The Molokovs now have driver’s licenses. Their six-year-old son Mykola is enrolled in a Haughton School, and Mykola has found a steady job. 

“I was a seller in Ukraine, but now in USA, I found a good job. I’m a electrical helper,” he said. 

They are also dedicated to learning U.S. customs and the English language. Bossier Parish Community College is giving Mykola and Mariia free English courses. 

“First step is we want to learn English good. After maybe Spanish, if we have time,” said Molokov. 

And the couple has even bigger goals for their children. 

“And we want to help our children to receive good education in USA,” said Molokov. 

There are no refugee services in the area, and the family is in need of help. They need everything for their future home, money for rent, and a used car to give them mobility. They’ll need more as they start their lives over, of course. They left Ukraine with one suitcase, after all.

But they also left Ukraine with a priceless gift: each other.

The Molokov family are extremely grateful for the help they received thus far from the community and from the Cochranes. But there is a way you can help if you feel it tugging at your heart.

To help the Molokov’s you can donate by clicking here.