Los Angeles-based nonprofit, Straight Up Abilities, is on a mission to promote inclusivity and empathy through the power of dance. Founded in California, the organization works with special needs individuals across Los Angeles County, Orange County, and beyond through their virtual program. Two of their all-star performers, who have graced stages at Disneyland and Disney World, are now setting their sights on performing at the Royal Ballet in London.

Straight Up Abilities was first introduced to Loving Living Local in 2018, and since then, they have continued to share their love for dance and community. Robin says, “I just fell in love with your community. Everybody is so nice and so generous.”

The organization’s affiliation with ArtBreak allows them to connect with local schools and share their message of inclusivity and empathy. They’ve visited several schools to conduct assemblies and teach students about living out their dreams. As a dancer and choreographer himself, Rob aims to inspire others by sharing his own journey from a small town to Los Angeles.

In addition to school visits, Straight Up Abilities also conducts workshops for local dancers, recently teaching 75 talented performers from the community. They will showcase their skills at the Art Break Festival, with performances scheduled for Friday at 6:00 p.m. and Saturday at noon.

Through the art of dance, Straight Up Abilities has provided a stage for those with special needs to show their gifts, inspiring self-assurance and forging relationships. As they continue to spread their message of inclusivity and empathy, they inspire communities to celebrate the unique abilities of each individual.

So, if you’re interested in witnessing the magic of Straight Up Abilities, head over to the Art Break Festival and be prepared to be amazed by the skill, dedication, and passion of these incredible performers.

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