“Prayers for Nick,” WRBL sends well wishes to Nick Vasos


COLUMBUS, GA.(WRBL)– We all get sick every once in a while. Usually, that means letting our boss know that we’re going to be out. Last night though, one Kansas City news anchor’s email went not only to his boss, but every news station in the company!

To Nick Vasos’ surprise, dozens of people from Nexstar stations responded to the chain, wishing him well. So many messages came through that Nexstar had to shut down the email chain!

Then, well-wishers and other participants went to Twitter with the hashtag ‘#PrayersForNick.’ People responded with funny comments, photos, and kind words, Including this poem from the News 3 team:

Twas the week before Thanksgiving when all through the stations 

Not a creature was stirring after an email to the Nexstar nation. 

Fox 4’s Nick Vasos was feeling under the weather 

And he needed to get the word out that he was trying to get better. 

But when it came time to send his notification of dire need 

He hit the wrong button and told the world of his deed. 

As the night crew went home to snuggle up in their beds 

The Nexstar nation began responding that Nick had nothing to dread. 

From New York to California and most states in between 

The cry spread through social media…Nick, bounce back for the team! 

Though he’s certainly a star in the Kansas City DMA 

Now he has friends coast to coast who wouldn’t have it any other way. 

When Nick licks his bout with whatever has him down 

His return to the airwaves will spark rejoicing throughout the town. 

So the next time you think folks don’t really care if you’re sick 

Let this serve to remind you…Nick, you’re loved and get well quick!

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