UNIONTOWN, Pa. (WBOY) — Pennsylvania triplets Hannah, Hunter and Emma Sabatula all earned their Eagle Scout rank this year, the highest award possible in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

Hannah and Emma are both members of Troop 193. Based in Morgantown, Troop 193 was the first female troop established in the Mountaineer Area Council after girls were allowed to join the BSA in 2019. Their brother Hunter is a member of Troop 608 in Uniontown, which is part of the Moreland-Fayette Council.

Hannah Sabatula (L), Hunter Sabatula (M), and Emma Sabatula (R) are a set of triplets that all earned their Eagle Scout rank in 2023 (WBOY image)
Hannah Sabatula (L), Hunter Sabatula (M) and Emma Sabatula (R) are a set of triplets that all earned their Eagle Scout rank in 2023 (WBOY image)

“It’s been really good honestly,” Hannah Sabatula said. “We were able to do everything, It’s more than Girl Scouts, and you get to do more stuff and meet a lot of new people.”

For Hannah’s Eagle Scout project, she restored a playground at the elementary school she attended as a kid. The playset was rusting away and had the potential to harm the kids who played on it.

  • Hannah Sabatula in front of the Menallen Elementary School playground, which she restored for her Eagle Scout project. (WBOY image)
  • Pictures of the playground before it was restored. (WBOY image)

Both Emma and Hunter did their projects at a nearby park called Dunlap Creek. Dunlap Creek is really more of a lake, with pavilions scattered nearby. Several of these pavilions had fallen into disrepair or had been vandalized with graffiti over the years, so the pair decided to make the pavilions suitable for public use once again.

However, even though they did nearly identical projects, the circumstances around the two projects were very different. Emma said the biggest challenge for her project was the lack of electricity. The pavilion Hunter renovated for his project was blessed with an electrical outlet, but Emma wasn’t so lucky. To get around this, she had to bring her own generator so she could use the equipment they needed to get the job done.

After navigating obstacles to complete her project, Emma has some advice for aspiring Eagle Scouts.

“Make sure you plan it exactly right,” Emma said. “Figure out your plan and figure out what location you want. Is it a childhood memory? Is this something you very dearly love? I love coming down here, that’s why I chose down here.”

  • Emma Sabatula in front of her renovated pavilion at Dunlap Creek. (WBOY image)
  • Renovated pavilion at Dunlap Creek. (WBOY image)

Hunter was the first of the trio to finish his project and earn the rank of Eagle Scout. When asked what motivated him to achieve the highest rank in Boy Scouts, he gave a similar answer that many other teenage boys have likely given over the years: “My family made me do it,” he said with a laugh. “It was fun at the end. I had fun with all the people and everything, It was always good. It’s just how everybody is, how fun it is, being with everybody you know and love. It’s fun.”