WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – These weeks leading up to Labor Day are among the deadliest on America’s roadways and it’s not just alcohol impairing drivers.

If you feel different, you drive different—that’s the message of a multi-million dollar ad campaign by the Department of Transportation to keep our roads safe from impaired drivers.

According to published reports, the weeks leading up to labor day are among the deadliest for motorists and alcohol is no longer the only problem authorities are up against.

“It’s really important that we continue to get this message out because we’re still losing so many lives to this issue.” NHTSA Associate Administrator Jamie Pfister said.

Jamie Pfister of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says statistically the weeks leading up to, and including, Labor Day is among the deadliest on U.S. roads.

“The whole point is to reduce the risk of impaired driving crashes and fatalities,” Pfister said.

Helen Witty’s daughter was killed by a drunk driver while she was rollerblading back in 2000.

Witty is now the president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and supports the ad campaign’s effort to educate beyond just alcohol.

“Don’t worry mom, I cross at the crosswalks, I stay on the bike path, I’ll be fine, I love you, I’ll be right back. And that’s the last I saw of her,” Witty said.

According to a survey by NHTSA, numbers show as many as 12 percent of weekend and nighttime drivers tested positive for marijuana as drugged driving is emerging now as an issue.

“Impairment is impairment, and we want to prevent those folks that are feeling different from getting behind the wheel of a car,” Pfister said.

NHTSA officials say their campaign is backed up by boots on the ground for drivers who don’t get that message.