Warning: photos and videos in the article could be disturbing to some readers.

OKALOOSA COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A mutilated shark carcass was found rotting on an Okaloosa Island beach on Saturday, July 29.

Beachgoers spotted the approximately 3-foot remains in the dunes at Princess Beach. The property is owned and patrolled by Eglin Air Force Base. 

The carcass is seen without its head or tail. A large PVC pipe looks to be forced through the dead animal’s body. 

Our reporter went to the scene and described the area as having a foul smell around the remains.  

Eglin Air Force base was first notified about the shark Monday, July 31 by News 13 staff. Crews are working to clean up the mess. 

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) serves as the law enforcement for shark fishing activity. They say what happened to the marine animal is illegal. 

“What we saw in that photo, it’s illegal to unnecessarily harm or destroy any marine organism when catching but not retaining the marine organism. No such organism may be placed or deposited on any bank, shore, beach, or other place out of the water, and that includes sharks,” said Emily Abellera, FWC marine fisheries management. “What anglers really need to know is if they’re planning on targeting or keeping sharks caught from shore, which includes structures attached to shores such as jetties, bridges or piers, they have to pass an online educational core.” 

The course can be found on the FWC website along with a list of sharks that are approved for fishing in Florida waters. 

FWC said they have marine specialists working to identify if this shark was on the protected species list. FWC is reviewing the video to determine if they will start an investigation on the carcass being harmed and left behind. 

The sand dunes where the shark was left are a prohibited area to ensure habitat for endangered shorebirds.  People are not allowed to walk on the dunes.