PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Stopping at the gas station could be a thing of the past for Bay County residents.

A new gas delivery business is hoping to make the chore more convenient.

Fuel Mule Fillup Inc. Owner Gunther VanWinkle said he wants to provide the community with a safer alternative to filling up at the gas station.

“The original idea was one time my sister went to the gas station and a white van pulled up and a bunch of guys got out and luckily she got in her car and got out of there because she didn’t feel safe,” VanWinkle said.

Vanwinkle said this is the only gas delivery business of its kind in the area.

And the whole process is completed through an app.

“You sign up on our app, you add your vehicle, you add a credit card, you select your level membership and then from there we put you on a twice-weekly route,” VanWinkle said. “We deliver overnight to fill up your car on site. Everything runs through the app. You get a notification when it’s your overnight, you get a receipt through the app on email, too, and then you’re ready to go the next day with a full tank.”

Members pay the price per gallon and a monthly membership fee, which covers five vehicles per household.

Right now, routes run overnight starting at 8 p.m. and services aren’t limited to cars.

“If it takes gasoline, I can I can fill it up,” VanWinkles said. “Boats, cars, trucks, golf carts, lawnmowers, weed eaters, whatever it may be. If it takes gasoline.”

The service delivers gas twice a week.

They also offer services to fleets and have commercial pricing available.

For more information visit their website here.