OKALOOSA COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Governor Ron DeSantis was in Destin Thursday morning to announce the 2022 red snapper season.

DeSantis said this year’s gulf red snapper season will be 57 days, the longest season since state management began.

“We appreciate what it means to the culture of our state,” DeSantis said. “We appreciate what it means to the economy of our state and we are really fortunate to be able to make this announcement.”

There are actually two snapper seasons this year.

The summer season will run from June 17 through July 31.

It will include Father’s Day and the July 4th holiday.

The fall season runs for 5 weekends spread over October and November.

  • June 17 – July 31
  • Oct. 8-9 (Sat. & Sun)
  • Oct. 15-16 (Sat. & Sun)
  • Oct. 22-23 (Sat. & Sun)
  • Nov. 11-13 (Fri., Sat. & Sun – Veterans Day weekend)
  • Nov. 25-27 (Fri., Sat. & Sun – Thanksgiving weekend)

“We looked at the data as well and then we realized that if we added weekends and kinda broke it up so it wasn’t just a concentrated fishing season that it gave more people an opportunity, especially working people who have to work during the week and this will give them an opportunity to go fishing on the weekend,” FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto said.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates the fishing industry contributes 13.8 billion dollars to the state’s economy and supports 120-thousand jobs.

In 2019, recreational saltwater fishing pumped more than 74 million dollars into Destin’s economy.

Local officials said there are more than 300 charter operations running more than 2 million fishing trips annually in Destin and Fort Walton Beach.

“It is the largest employer, the tourism industry as a whole for Destin and Northwest Florida and this is just great news. You couldn’t help us out anymore,” Destin City Councilmember Jim Bagby said.

You can find more information on this year’s red snapper season here.

Watch the full news conference here: