Dayton mayor, Ohio politicians react to Pres. Trump’s visit


DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, and Congressman Mike Turner spoke on the President’s visit with Oregon District shooting victims Wednesday at Miami Valley Hospital.

Mayor Whaley said she hopes Pres. Trump will take action on gun control.

“I think he heard me. I don’t know if he will take action. I’m hoping, for the people of Dayton, that he does. Both the Senator and I spoke very directly what we’ve been saying the whole time about the need for common sense gun legislation,” she said.

“Do I think that we’re going to see another mass shooting tomorrow or Friday? Probably,” she continued, “Because Washington will not move.”

Senator Brown said he had a difficult time deciding what to do for the President’s visit, but ultimately felt he had a responsibility to look the President in the eye and ask him to call back Majority Leader Mitch McConnell so the Senate can vote on gun safety legislation.

“Both of us spoke with the President right when he got off Air Force One. Both the mayor and I asked the president to call on Senator McConnell to bring the Senate back in session this week to tell the Senate that he wants the background checks bill that’s already passed the House, that he wants it on the floor. I asked the president to promise to me and to the American people that he will sign that bill after he’s spoken out in support of it with Senator McConnell,” Brown said.

The President, meanwhile, tweeted after his visit that Mayor Whaley “totally misrepresented” what happened inside the hospital.

The Mayor was quick to respond, saying she was unsure what the President was referring to.

Congressman Mike Turner said he spoke with the President about what next steps will be taken, suggesting that a Presidential Commission be formed to look at potential legislative changes that would make the country safer.

“There was a great deal of discussion about military-style weapons and about what needs to be regulated or banned. The President was very interested in the status of prior legislation and why the legislation had lapsed,” he said.

Rep. Turner’s daughter was in the Oregon District with a family friend when a gunman opened fire, killing nine and injuring dozens more Sunday morning.

He goes on to say that President Trump was able to meet with officers, first responders, and hospital staff who came to the aid of civilians during the tragedy, and called them heroes.

Senator Portman tweeted his gratitude for the President’s visit:

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