A new website will help Michigan receive $30 billion


Once every decade, the U.S. Census works to count every person living in the United States.

Census numbers in Michigan are responsible for nearly $30 billion in federal funding for public safety, schools, housing, health care, and more, as w​ell as one congressional seat, are at stake for Michigan.

In preparation for the 2020 Census, the state of Michigan has launched a new website to provide information and resources for the community.

Census numbers affect everyone in Michigan – including seniors, students, kids, parents, businesses and communities.

Hospitals and clinics across Michigan received nearly $13 billion in Medicaid funding in 2016 to treat residents through funding based on the census count.

Michigan received more than $2.3 billion for the WIC and SNAP programs in 2016.

Residents can fill out the census in multiple languages online, by phone or on a paper form. All answers are completely confidential.

Harder to count areas of Michigan:

The US Census Bureau is currently hiring 4000 Michigan residents to fill positions for the 2020 Census.

The flexible, well-paying positions are perfect for college students, who should also be proactive in getting counted in this years census.

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Public schools across Michigan received more than $510 million in 2016 for education grants for tutoring, textbooks and other programs.

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