What every gun owner should do before hosting family for the holidays

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Eight out of ten gun deaths of kids under the age of 15 occur in the home, often in their own or that of a friend or relative.

That’s why the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is reminding all gun owners to ensure their firearms are securely locked and out of reach of children who may be visiting their homes for the holidays.

Dan Gross, President of the Brady Center, said, “The holiday season is for celebration and quality time spent with family. But as children visit the homes of friends and family, it will be a time of tragedy for so many people who come to know the all too real risks of gun ownership. 

“1.7 million children and teens live under the same roof as a loaded, unlocked gun. Kids are curious and can find just about anything so it is incredibly important that gun owners take steps to securely lock and store their guns. Even parents who are not gun owners have a role to play in protecting their kids, simply by asking whether there is a gun in the home they are visiting and whether it is stored safely, with ammunition stored separately. While the safest thing to do is keep a gun out of the house entirely, asking and being aware of the risks can go a long way to keeping children safe and ensuring a happy holiday season.”

For more information about Brady’s Asking Saves Kids (ASK) campaign, visit www.AskingSavesKids.org.

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