Well-armed women are on the rise

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Guns, in one form or another, have been around for centuries. But they’ve never been as popular as they are now! Last month was the busiest June for gun sales ever.

Kris Ford owns the Baton Rouge store, Ford’s Firearms. He says “people are not afraid to protect themselves anywhere.”

Kris has been selling guns for the past seven years. His wife, Stephanie has been selling for 15 and his dad for 20. They know guns.

“When I first started selling guns, it was the same guys over and over again, you have your basic shooter community” explains Kris.

But as times change, so do the people who buy guns. Stephanie says she sees more and more women in the store every day.

Stephanie explains “there’s a lot of different stories I’ve heard that makes these women want to move towards protecting themselves.”

“And when they come in to buy, we turn them on to concealed carry courses, they want to do it proper, and they want to do it right. So they’re not just buying a gun and having it, they’re learning how to use it” continues Kris.

Even gun manufacturers are catering products towards women now. You can buy a handbag that has pockets specifically designed to get to your gun quickly and easily.

I think that’s wonderful. I think women are finally seeing it’s not just for a man to use” says Stephanie.

Women want to feel safe and owning a gun gives them that sense of protection.

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