• WARNING, Some viewers may find the video difficult to watch

RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Videos allegedly taken inside a K-9 Academy in Rapides Parish are sparking outrage.

One dog owner and her attorney are speaking out hoping to have the facility shut down.

While dozens are calling for a shut down, authorities are also investigating the alleged animal abuse.

Earlier this week, the video allegedly taken inside Cypress Arrow K-9 Academy went viral. It shows a trainer whipping the dog while the pet is being pulled in two directions on leashes.

As the video continues to spread, more are surfacing. In one video, you can even hear a person laughing as they film a dog being handled aggressively.

Kayci Gonzales, the owner of a chocolate lab named Yassie in one of the viral videos, said that she was horrified after learning how the academy treated her pet.

“It was just very sad to see her treated like that. Just anxiety took over. My body started shaking. It breaks my heart to know that Yassie went through that,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales’ other dog was also at the facility. She first suspected something wasn’t right upon bringing him home.

“My older dog had a lot of calluses on his elbows he didn’t have before. He was more aggressive and excessively peeing in my house, which he didn’t do before,” she told KLFY News 10.

As for Yassie, she said that she was more timid upon coming back home from the academy. It wasn’t until she saw the video on social media that she realized what had happened. She’s now hired legal representation to get justice.

“I could not believe that I was watching a video filmed in what the public believed to be a professional dog training service. Never in my life would I have dreamed that I would see something like that,” attorney Lauren Ventrella said.

Ventrella said she and the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office are investigating possible abuse. She wants the public to know what happened to prevent anyone else’s pet from suffering.

“We will make sure that somebody is held responsible for this conduct because this is illegal conduct. This is animal abuse, A, and B, it’s outright horrible. Someone needs to be held responsible, and again, like I said, this is a professional business. She set herself out to the public, reported to be professional, a professional trainer taking in dogs. That is not what happened here,” Ventrella added.

News 10 did reach out to the academy, however, the calls went straight to voicemail and their inbox was full. The academy’s Facebook page has also been deleted.

The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office opened its investigation after receiving complaints from across the country. A spokesperson said that their animal control section as well as their criminal investigations division are investigating the videos and their origin.