UL student gives back through music

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Sean Bruce, a UL music business major, was looking to re-kindle fond childhood memories and his love of the holiday season.

“For being who I was, I thought the only way to get that back was to just believe in the spirit again and the spirit of giving, being happy and eating.” said Bruce.

In August, Sean saw a picture of empty food shelves at St. Joseph’s Diner, which feeds the hungry in Lafayette.

“I always noticed what they were doing at a very important time of year.” said Bruce.

While struggling to regain his sense of Christmas spirit, Sean decided to use his musical talents to benefit those in the community. He wrote a song called “Christmas Is Here” and this year’s proceeds will help fill the pantry shelves at St. Joe’s.

He assembled an all star cast to record the song on campus, with Roddie Romero, Ray Boudreaux, Sweet Cecilia, Lane Mack, Eric Adcock, Maegan Berard and UL’s jazz ensemble are featured in the song.

“Everyone was within a text message away from saying this is what I want to do. Everyone was really on board.” said Bruce.

“It’s just amazing to see so many people come together and donate their talents and time. They really are pouring 100% of themselves into it.” said Chris Munson.

Munson is the music media coordinator on campus. Munson is also Sean’s professor as well as the drummer in his band. And he’s the co-producer of Sean’s latest Christmas single.

“Let’s get this communal thing going and give something back as musicians to not just the people that are feeding them, but the people who are being fed.” said Bruce

For Sean, his spirit of Christmas is found through serving up talents to nourish others.  Like his song says, spreading the love started him believing again.

“Christmas Is Here” is available on now iTunes and all proceeds made from digital sales will be donated to St.Joseph’s Diner.

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