UL celebrates 50 years of its Archive and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection

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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Archive and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection.

Many attended a panel discussion to a honor a half century of research in Acadiana at these archives..

The Archive and Acadiana Manuscripts Collections has information you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

“Acadiana is so rich with culture and its influence on the people today in Louisiana and the world. The archives are beneficial because it contains records which are beneficial to promoting a culture.” said Florent Hardy, State Director of Archives.

Panelists also discussed the future of the archives.

With everything going digital, concerns have been raised about the possibility of everything going online.

Archivists at the forum say that’s just not feasible.

An effort to duplicate every archived material would be just too costly.

“The primary resource that we have here is the original records and that is what’s important. We have to preserve, make it more accessible and we have to secure those records.” Hardy explained.

As libraries find more of their material going online, archivists say there are just some things that a digital copy of a document can’t replicate like the connection between the researcher and that moment in history.

Hardy says he experienced it while searching through the Acadiana Manuscripts Collections as a college student at UL.

“I actually saw the real records, the documentation in its original form which makes such a major difference as compared to seeing it online.” he said.

The collections can be found on the 3rd floor of the UL library.

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