ALEXANDRIA, La. (WNTZ) – In a delightful twist of fate, the quaint town of Alexandria, Louisiana, is about to welcome a delectable addition to its culinary landscape. Myrah and Faith, two passionate entrepreneurs who have called the Cenla Area home for the past five years, are on the cusp of unveiling The Peach Cobbler Factory on the corner of Versailles Boulevard and Provine Place. This exciting venture promises to become a haven for sweet lovers, with a unique feature that’s been missing in the local scene: late-night dessert delights.

Peach Cobbler Factory Owner & Operators, Faith & Myrah

The Peach Cobbler Factory, set to open its doors soon, brings with it the promise of satisfying late-night cravings for those who yearn for something sweet. Residents of Alexandria can now look forward to indulging in their favorite cobblers, brownies, shakes, and more at midnight, right in their neighborhood.

Originating in Nashville, Tennessee, back in 2013, The Peach Cobbler Factory has become synonymous with crafting delightful desserts that transport you to the warmth and comfort of grandma’s kitchen. This franchise has successfully established over 60 operations across the United States, and Faith and Myrah are determined to make a big impact in their town.

When asked about their plans for community engagement, Myra and Faith were quick to respond, “After providing the highest quality service in-house, we’d love to collaborate with local schools in the area.” Their commitment to the community goes beyond serving delicious desserts; they aim to enrich the lives of their neighbors.

The Peach Cobbler Factory offers a tantalizing array of treats that cater to a wide range of sweet cravings. From classic peach cobbler to innovative creations like blackberry peach and honey apple cobblers, the menu is a delight for the taste buds. In addition to cobblers, they offer an impressive selection of banana puddings, cinnamon rolls, shakes, cookies, churros, and irresistible Belgian waffles.

Faith and Myra have already initiated the hiring process in Alexandria, inviting local residents to join their enthusiastic team. The Peach Cobbler Factory of Alexandria is on the lookout for cheerful, customer-oriented, dependable, and self-motivated individuals who share their passion for delivering exceptional service. Flexible part-time positions are available, and interested candidates can reach out to them via email at

The Peach Cobbler Factory is set to become a sweet oasis in Alexandria, Louisiana, offering a diverse range of premium desserts that cater to all tastes. Faith and Myrah’s commitment to the community, combined with their delectable creations, promises to make this franchise an integral part of the town’s social fabric. So, get ready to savor the taste of nostalgia and indulge your sweet tooth at The Peach Cobbler Factory!