“The Bells of St. Mary,” have returned…

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For the first time in Louisiana and only the second time in the United States, the Arbecy® Project has awarded a patented bell choir set to Affiliated Blind of Louisiana (ABL). The bells will be utilized in a first‐ever ABL Bell Choir “The Bells of St. Mary,” Christmas Concert at 6 p.m. on Saturday, December 5, 2015 in the ABL Chapel at 409 West St. Mary Blvd. The ABL Bell Choir has been rehearsing for the past few weeks and will be presenting their first in a series of Christmas concerts. Additional musicians will also be performing. There is no charge for this event, and light refreshments will be available for purchase.

Jerry Simon, inventor of the The Arbecy® Project, has sponsored this gift to further the efforts of community outreach.

ARBECY® uses “Bell Chimes,” “ARBECY® Tonants” & ARBECY® CELLS (modified cell phones) to orchestrate the music which warms the hearts of so many.

The “ARBECY® Project,” is based on today’s best practice approaches that focus on:

o QUALITY OF LIFE – Life is worth living when your “quality of life” makes you feel happy!!! Also, you began to notice all the “GOOD THINGS” in this world that are a part of your life. In simple words, you feel gratitude for the life you have and the friends to which you share good times.

o COMMUNITY ‐ ARBECY® makes it easy for community agencies to participate in “Blind Awareness” and create new opportunities for “Understanding & Acceptance.”

o EDUCATION – A large part of the “isolation,” experienced by people who are blind is directly related to their own education regarding blindness. In addition the community at large requires an education and awareness about blindness in order to move toward a general acceptance of the blind.

o FAMILY – The family members of each person experiencing blindness is an important part of their journey to
competency, accomplishment, and normality. Every family remains the center of emotional support, love, and the
development of hope in the life of each person who fights daily to regain self‐respect and dignity. ARBECY is one of the easiest family activities for the entire family to enjoy and share with blind family members.

The “ARBECY® Project” presented its first performance at the Blind Center of Nevada in 2009. Since then, its positive force in the lives of blind Las Vegas residents/family has continued to grow. This project has been self‐funded since 1977.

ABL is a membership organization whose mission is to teach people who are blind, deaf, and deaf‐blind the skills that lead to independence, employment and community integration. ABL has chapters throughout Louisiana.

More information can be found on the ABL website ‐ www.affiliatedblind.org.

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