Teenager shot in parking lot after game

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It was Friday night and like most kids in the Acadiana area, students were attending Friday night football games.

That’s exactly what one 17 year old female was doing with her friends that night, but once they reached the front of Northside High School they heard the sounds of a gun being fired.

The 17 year old victim was shot in the right arm causing her and her friends to to run for cover.

“She had two friends with her when several shots began to be fired in the parking lot. She then ran for cover and was struck by a vehicle that was attempting to leave the parking lot injuring her leg as well.” said Corporal Paul Mouton of the Lafayette Police Department.

“She was finally able to get into a vehicle by a good samaritan where she was taken to where personnel could get to her and administer her first aid.”

The Lafayette Police say that the victim seems to have no correlation to the shooting except for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“We think that it was some type of disturbance that began in the parking lot when they began to start firing their weapons.” said Corporal Mouton.

“The information that we have in suspects is that it was potentially two young black males who were possibly in a brown older model vehicle. So we do not believe she was apart of the incident but just struck by a stray bullet.”

The Lafayette Police Department takes gun violence very seriously, and when you add in that the incident occurred in a high school parking lot with numerous innocent bystanders Lafayette Police are not taking this situation lightly.

“The thing that is of great concern to us ehere at the Police Department is that an individual that would fire a weapon just recklessly like that is going to strike innocent victims. In this case you know that we had a 17 year old female, so it’s very important we bring these individuals in.” said Corporal Mouton.

The Police are asking for help from any possible witnesses that night, and knowing that high school kids Corporal Paul Mouton wants to remind those students that there are multiple safe avenues that can be taken to give any information that can lead to the arrest of the two suspects.

“If they are a student at the school and have information they can go and confine in a teacher and that information can then be brought to our resource officer or go to the resource officer directly.” said Corporal Mouton.

“As long as we get that information so that we can put these individuals in jail, you know that’s the ending that we are looking for.”

If you or anyone that you may know has any information on the two suspects that are wanted for the Friday night shooting, you are encourage to call 232-TIPS or the Lafayette Police Department.

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