State Rep. Mike Johnson confident about runoff election for Louisiana 4th Congressional District

Local News
The field has narrowed from seven to the final two in regards to the Louisiana 4th Congressional District. Louisiana State Representative Mike Johnson will go head to head with the Marshall Jones in a runoff election on December 10th.
State Rep. Johnson sat down with Lauren Vizza this morning to stress his campaign platform of promoting faith, family, and freedom. Johnson, an attorney who represents the northern part of Bossier Parish in the Louisiana Legislature has been a champion of conservative causes, including Second Amendment rights. 

A staunch opponent of legal abortion, he represented the state in U.S. District Court after three abortion clinics after the legislature passed a stringent abortion law and three Louisiana abortion clinics filed suit arguing the new law would force many clinics to close and force an illegal barrier to women’s right to abortion.

Like all the candidates, Johnson expressed concern about the economy, but believes government is too large and has too many regulations. He thinks reducing government regulations and taxes are solutions to economic growth. 

Johnson knows there is a lot of work to be done before the runoff and is looking forward to reaching out and working with the other republican candidates that ran for the seat in the general. 

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