St. Martin residents form law enforcement support group

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Because of recent criticism of law enforcement and a number of Louisiana officers being killed in the line of duty, residents in St. Martin Parish recently formed the Friends of Law Enforcement group to show that the public is on their side.

“We wanted to recognize the outstanding job that law enforcement does for us in St. Martin Parish.”  said Don Resweber the founder of the St. Martin Parish Friends of Law Enforcement.

Since the group was founded about a month ago, they’ve been continually reaching out to officers. The group’s founder Don Resweber says he hopes that it doesn’t stop here.

“If we can start it right here in St. Martin Parish, then it could spread throughout Acadiana.” said Resweber.

St. Martin Sheriff Ronny Theriot and St. Martinville Police Chief Calder Hebert say they are definitely appreciative of the group.

“It’s just great to know that citizens, our constituents here are proud of we are and we are proud of them for taking a step, taking initiative to form this group.” said St. Martin Sheriff Ronny Theriot.

“It’s another reason to get up and put that uniform on. Besides it being  a calling to all of us, it’s good whenever you know that the people you out there to protect support you.” said St. Martinville Police Chief Calder Hebert.

Resweber says the group’s main goal is to spread this message to all police officers.

“Thank you for all you do and that’s meant for every law enforcement agent.”  said Resweber.

The Friends of Law Enforcement will soon release a full page in the St. Martin Parish newspaper to show their support.

They are also working to put together an appreciation banquet for all officers.

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