St. Landry Sheriff’s PIO, Lt. Clay Higgins reacts to national attention

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Our very own “Cajun John Wayne” has seen his popularity hit an all-time high.

The spokesperson for the St. Landry Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Clay Higgins, had one of his Crimestoppers videos featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week.

But here in Acadiana, he has already won over many with his candid and colorful towards criminals.

His weekly Crimestopper videos have also sparked a fan page that has more than 6,000 followers and counting on Facebook.

Lt. Higgins says he was surprised by all the attention he is getting but isn’t letting it get to his head.

“I’m just a humble guy. All this attention I’m getting, I’m trying not to be distracted by it. I have a difficult job to do and I do it.” said Higgins.

More than just putting criminals away, Lt. Higgins believes in helping those who have made mistakes turn their lives around.

“I do believe in the redemptive nature of the human spirit. I believe jail doesn’t have to be the end of the line for a man. I think it can be the beginning of a life renewed.” said Lt. Higgins

In his Crimestoppers videos, Higgins also wants people to become more trusting of law enforcement officers.

“The bottom line is that there have been problems regarding relationships and communications between guys like me that wear badges and the citizens we are sworn to serve and protect.If I could have an impact on that and improve that in some way then I would feel pretty good about it.” said Lt. Higgins.

And so far it is working

“We’ve had a great deal of success. The statistics have improved considerably.” he stated.

Since last week’s release of the video featuring a criminal who broke into Stelly’s Supermarket, Higgins says the sheriff’s office has received at least 8 solid leads in the case and believe an arrest will be made very soon.

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