Some Louisiana residents may soon lose SNAP benefits

Local News

Governor-elect John Bel Edwards pledged to continue the food assistance program, SNAP, for everyone who qualifies, once he takes office on January 11, 2016.

He explains, “The SNAP benefits program is an important source of nutrition for a lot of people in Louisiana.”

Back in October, Governor Bobby Jindal announced that on January 1st, able-bodied adults without children must work or volunteer 20 hours a week to continue receiving SNAP benefits.

But with Louisiana’s high unemployment rate, this left 64,000 Louisianans in jeopardy of losing their food stamps.

31,000 Louisianans who don’t meet the new eligibility requirements could lose their benefits at Midnight tonight.

Edwards is confident he can get the federal waiver to continue providing SNAP benefits to the people affected.

However, it is possible there’ll be a slight delay as DCFS works to reverse this move.

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