Signs of holiday depression

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The gifts are all wrapped and the goodies being devoured but for some the holidays do not mean cheer and joy.

While the Center for Disease Control says the suicides rates drop during the holiday months, the depression rate does see an increase for those who may feel another year passed means another year of unfulfilled goals and expectations.

We talked with the Vermilion Behavioral Health Systems to find out just why do people slip into depression this time of the year.

“A lot of people do spend time reflecting on the year and there is sometimes where they experience regret about what they did not accomplish throughout the year that is about to be over.” said Glynis Deroche of the Vermilion Behavioral Health Systems.

“Sometimes they are not where they want to be in their life, having goals that they wished they had accomplished during the year or the idea of starting a new year is overwhelming.”

“People get pretty focused on things like New Year’s resolutions and sometimes that is not completely productive as it ends up putting a lot of pressure on people.”

There is no data to support the existence of a dramatic increase in the amount of people who seek mental health services following the holiday season, but in most circumstances, symptoms of depression that become present during the holidays will fade in time. In some cases, the symptoms may persist or even gradually become worse. 

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