Pastor Kerney Thomas of Opelousas Life Church was the lone religious leader in Louisiana who attended Donald Trump’s recent meeting with black pastors and after that meeting, he endorsed the presidential hopeful.

Thomas recalls having many questions for Trump so when he had the chance to meet him he took it.

He says after a three hour private meeting with Trump, he was very impressed.

“He was honest, very transparent and was no hold bars. You could ask him any questions and we got our answers.” Thomas said.

Thomas asked Trump questions about how he viewed minorities.

Before the meeting, the pastor saw Trump as a racist because of comments he made on TV.

Thomas now believes Trump is not the person the media portrays him to be.

“First of all, he’s not a racist. I found out that he’s a big humanitarian. He’s a man that has a lot of concern and compassion and passion for the people and that really made a big difference for me.” said Thomas.

Thomas also believes that Trump’s business like mindset will benefit our country’s economy which he says is in bad shape.

“He talked about getting people jobs and that’s what we really need right now especially when you talk about a rural area like Opelousas,” he explained.

He also found common ground with Trump on other issues such as sealing our country’s borders.

“He said that Mexico has an open door, a gateway, where murderers and rapists can come in from all countries and that door needs to be closed. I totally agree with that.” said Thomas.

Thomas also called Trump a unifier.

“He’s been known to bring people of all races and creeds together. He bought a 100 black pastors together. What other presidential candidate has done that?” Thomas said.