PINEVILLE, La. – (WNTZ) – The Mayor and Council of Pineville are set to convene for a public meeting to address a range of vital issues affecting the community. This meeting is scheduled to take place on October 10, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. and will be held at the City Hall Council Room, located at 910 Main Street, Pineville, La. 71360.

Proposed Meeting Agenda

Old Business:

  1. Acceptance of minutes from the September 12th meeting.
  2. A financial report detailing the city’s fiscal health.
  3. Recognition of Pineville’s first responders for their life-saving efforts during a recent rescue at Buhlow Lake.
  4. Condemnation hearing continuance for 607 Melrose Street.
  5. Zoning considerations and the adoption of ordinances for property rezoning and business development.
  6. Amendments to the Code of Ordinances related to animal adoption fees.

New Business:

  1. Appointments and resolutions addressing various municipal matters.
  2. Approval of a resolution to accept the Mayor’s recommendation to appoint Kendrick VanBuren to the position of Public Works Director.
  3. Introduction, acceptance for publication, and referral to zoning of a petition for the rezoning of property located at 312 Wall Street, belonging to Bishop Enterprises, LLC, from R-1 (Residential) to R-2 (Residential) for the purpose of building a duplex.
  4. Approval of a resolution authorizing the Mayor to serve notice to the property owners of 200 Wadley Street and schedule a public hearing for condemnation.
  5. Approval of a resolution authorizing the Mayor to serve notice to the property owners of 103 Bragg Street and schedule a public hearing for condemnation.
  6. Approval of a resolution authorizing the Mayor to negotiate and enter into an agreement with Sustainability Partners LLC for the replacement of City-wide water meters.
  7. Approval of a resolution accepting a grant award of $36,006.75 from Fire House Subs Public Safety Foundation Board of Directors to be used for the purchase of a 2023 Crestliner boat, motor, trailer & accessories for the Urban Search and Rescue Team.
  8. Approval of a resolution awarding the contract for WATER MAIN EXTENSION ALONG CATHERINE, FLOYD, HOLLY OAKS STREETS AND MEYERS DRIVE and authorizing the Mayor to execute contracts, change orders, and other documents related to the project between the City of Pineville and the selected Bidder.
  9. Approval of a resolution to submit the FY2024-2028 CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM APPLICATION FOR THE PINEVILLE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT to the State of Louisiana, Department of Transportation and Development, Division of Aviation.
  10. Approval of a resolution committing funds to pay for all non-construction fees related to FY2024/2025 Application for funding under the Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) Program for Public Facilities.
  11. Approval of a resolution to commit up to $50,000 for technical assistance, administrative, and grant application fees if funds are provided through the FY2024/2025 LCDBG Program.
  12. Approval of a resolution to authorize the Mayor to submit an FY2024/2025 LCDBG Application for STREET IMPROVEMENTS and authorize the Mayor to act as the official representative of the City in connection with the application.
  13. Approval of a resolution declaring surplus items in Administration for the purpose of selling, donating, auctioning, or disposing of as necessary.

Public Participation Encouraged

The Pineville City Council values public input and encourages community members to attend and engage in the discussion. This meeting serves as an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns, offer insights, and actively participate in shaping the future of Pineville.

Meeting Logistics

Meetings are conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Law and the American with Disabilities Act. If you require special assistance to attend or participate in the meeting, please contact the City Clerk, Chris Workman, at 318-449-5660, describing the assistance you need.

Stay Informed and Involved

As Pineville continues to grow and evolve, public engagement plays a pivotal role in decision-making processes. The City Council welcomes your presence and participation in these important discussions.

The Mayor and Council look forward to addressing community matters, and your input is an integral part of the process. Together, we can work towards a stronger and more vibrant Pineville.

For further information or to review the complete meeting agenda, please contact Chris Workman, City Clerk, at the aforementioned number. Your participation and engagement in local governance are highly valued and appreciated.