Northside High launches KNHS on radio

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Northside High School’s very own radio station has officially hit the airwaves.

KNHS broadcasts on 93.1 FM, after its official launch in February as an online only station.

With a lineup of nonstop music programs produced by the school’s broadcast journalism students, the station becomes Lafayette’s only high school run station.

“When we signed on, it was kind of like the birth of a child. We have been waiting for so long and now that it has finally happened, it was almost surreal when it did happen.” said Jay Redmond, Academy Director of Northside.

“I think that I am going to have to wait and let it sink in to really understand what just happened.”

As exciting as it was for both Northside High School administration and the Lafayette Parish School System administration to see only the third high school radio station in state go live, the real focus throughout the entire project has always been the students

“It’s all about the kids. That’s what we are here for and that’s what we are here to do. This is just a unique experience.” said Redmond.

“If we would have had something like this in highschool, how different might things have been. I would have loved to have a program like this in high school and I just put myself in that position and say lets give it to these kids.”

The goal of KNHS was to help teach students the ins and out of becoming a journalist. The same skills these students are learning to put together a broadcast are also helping in other aspects of their regular school day.

“It teaches time management and it teaches keeping priorities in order and things like that.” said Northside student Tyler Jolivette.

“I guess it being so hard has shown us that if you can tackle this tedious job you can do anything.”

Jay Redmond says while so many worked hard to make Northside High School’s newest radio a reality, it was the students belief in the program that has truly made today possible.

“All this time these kids have had faith in me when this was a room over here that was a broom closet.” said Redmond.

“One day we knew that broom closet was going to be a studio and these kids just believed in me and recorded these shows and now they are on the air.”

Jay Redmond says they hope to continue to keep adding to their broadcast journalism class with future endeavors including online journalism, videography, and possible involvement with video production.

Make sure to tune into 93.1 KNHS to hear Lafayette’s only high school radio station.

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