CHENEYVILLE, La. (WNTZ) – As the leaves rustle and the winds grow crisp in October, tales of ghostly encounters and eerie happenings come to the forefront. Amid the heart of Cheneyville, Louisiana, Loyd Hall emerges as an antebellum plantation with a history steeped in mystery and specters.

The legends of Loyd Hall come to life during this season of spooks, with each ghostly inhabitant adding their own spectral chapter to the tale.

William Loyd, the original owner, is said to pace the mansion’s halls restlessly, echoing his anxious anticipation. He was caught in a treacherous double spy game during the Civil War, serving both the Union and the Confederacy. When exposed, Union forces subjected him to a brutal fate, tarring, feathering, and hanging him from a tree on his own plantation. Interestingly, William Loyd was a member of the Lloyds of London but, as the family’s “black sheep,” was allowed only one ‘L’ in his name.

The plantation’s history is further enriched by its involvement with the local Choctaw tribe, often coming under attack, evidenced by the dining room door bearing broken arrowhead remnants.

Ines Loyd, William’s niece, is another spectral resident, often accompanied by ghostly piano melodies without a visible pianist. Her tragic end came when she threw herself from a third-floor window after being left at the altar.

Under a full moon, the strains of a violin serenade visitors from the third-floor attic, attributed to Harry Henry, a Union Army deserter. His forbidden love led to a fatal struggle, with his bloodstain still marking the floor where he fell.

Sally Boston, a former slave nanny, is the fourth ethereal inhabitant, often appearing with the scent of cooking food and coffee.

Eerie occurrences abound at Loyd Hall, from doors mysteriously opening and closing to footsteps and crashing noises. Oddly, these disturbances often leave no trace. The large dining room table is mysteriously set for a wedding, items disappearing and reappearing.

Visitors have reported lights flickering, mysterious screams, and loud banging noises. Yet, despite eerie encounters, the prevailing belief is that these spirits are protectors rather than malevolent entities.

Loyd Hall’s history is as captivating as its paranormal legends, with its enduring allure making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a dose of the supernatural during this chilling season.