ALEXANDRIA, La. (WNTZ) – Local shop owner Mary Byrd at Kid’s B’ Dazzled designs a line of children clothing for all seasons. She puts in many thoughts on how the child will feel in the clothing. With April being Autism awareness month, she wants parents to know you can shop local for children’s clothing that won’t be itchy, bothersome, or uncomfortable for the child.

According to Nation Today, Autism Spectrum Disorder is a brain developmental disorder caused by genetic mutation and sometimes, by environmental triggers. Although the autism spectrum is vast, some of the common signs in autistic individuals are repetitive behaviors, hyperactivity, and extreme sensitivity to light, touch, and sound.

Mrs. Byrd designs a line of clothing especially for children with Autism or other special needs. Sometimes children just do not like the feel of certain materials or the tags and seams may bother them. You can find milk silk jumpers, dresses, rompers, etc for all seasons that children will feel comfortable wearing.

Mary Byrd the owner of Kid’s B’ Dazzled located at 3204 Jackson Street, Alexandria, LA. Her telephone number is 318-792-4000.