ALEXANDRIA, La (WNTZ) – Tony Brown’s Eyes Open Productions will be distributing free internet services and LTE tablets to the public through the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Affordable Connectivity Program. “During the COVID pandemic,” explains Brown, “the government realized everyone didn’t have internet, or tools to access during the pandemic. We are not as technologically advanced as we should be if students in online courses are unreasonably without tools to engage. If you are lacking internet access, this FCC initiative will help get America connected.”

Who qualifies?

Most people qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Brown also states if you’re enrolled in “a government program (WIC, SNAP, etc.), you qualify.” The flyer provided below contains further information on eligible assistance programs. There is an income cap of 40k or less for single-parent households and 90k for couples earning combined salaries less than 90k. Brown clarifies, “If you have an aunt that qualifies, she can sponsor kids in your house. This plans last as 2 – 5 years. And the tablet can be utilized as a hotspot.” Be sure to bring documents proving your current government program enrollment. 107.5 and Eyes Open Production are making sure they take care of each person that qualifies. Brown believes every parish and city in CENLA should get this Christmas in July.

When and where?

Eyes Open Productions will have its first pick up on Saturday, July 30th. The event will be held from 10 AM to 1PM at 2008 Monroe St, Alexandria, La.

Brown notes, “Often, Louisiana is the last place to find out what helps our household.” Louisiana is nationally ranked as 48th in education. Eyes Open Productions seek to aid the FCC in efforts to academic equitability by establishing a free, consistent internet connection to educational opportunities.

If you’d like to reach out to Tony Brown and Eyes Open Productions for more information, they can be reached at (318) 792-5940.