ALEXANDRIA, La. (WNTZ) – Sign up today for this free caregivers course that can help us understand exploitation, how are children are at risk, and how we can help keep them safe.


Through a guided presentation informed by Love146 experience working with at-risk and exploited youth in diverse settings, the CAN’s Anti-Trafficking Child Victim Coordinators, Maegan d’Autremont and Rachel Austin, will provide information on how caregivers and adults who care for youth can effectively reach and empower our young people through prevention education.

5 things you will learn from this course:
Participants will develop a basic understanding of Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, and vulnerabilities
Participants will learn about safety planning with youth and resources available to support youth
Participants will learn how to keep youth safe online
Participants will learn about the impact of our language and victim blaming
There will also be helpful resources distributed for you to take home!