ALEXANDRIA, La. (WNTZ) – Clarence Fields may be retiring from his more than 22 years as the mayor of Pineville, but his legacy will live on at the city’s only university. Louisiana Christian University’s President Dr. Rick Brewer has announced the Clarence & Rosa Fields Emerging Black Leader Award to recognize him and his wife, Rosa, and the impact the couple has had in Central Louisiana.

“This award recognizes and celebrates the transformational leadership Mayor and Mrs. Fields have provided Central Louisiana and beyond for the past 40-plus years,” Brewer said. Brewer made the scholarship announcement at the June meeting of the North Rapides Business and Industry Alliance held at LCU. “I was deeply touched, and I am most appreciative of this very special honor from Dr. Rick Brewer and LCU,” said Mayor Clarence R. Fields Sr. “To know that it will benefit the education of a deserving African-American student, brings more joy to my heart than I can put into words. While we have accomplished a lot during my tenure as mayor, this will go down as one of our greatest accomplishments – and will be remembered long after I’m gone.

The Clarence & Rosa Fields Emerging Black Leader Award will be a full tuition and room
and board scholarship given to a deserving Black student who demonstrates scholarship,
Christian leadership, and promise for the future. This award will include a competition of
prospective freshmen who meet the requirements for this scholarship. The scholarship
competition will include essays, public presentations and Q&A. The award contest will take place annually in February beginning in 2023 for the 2023-24 academic year.

“It is very hard to put into just two sentences what Clarence Fields has meant to the City of
Pineville,” said Pineville Mayor-elect Rich Dupree. “And that’s why this honor is so
special! Having spent the last 22-years working alongside Mayor Fields, I have had a
chance to watch and learn up close from one of the best! I will always remember his
humility, compassion and consensus building – and as I attempt to carry on that legacy, this
award will serve as a lasting reminder of why those qualities are so important!”

Information on this and other LCU scholarships maybe be found on the university’s