Landrieu, Blanco weigh in on President Trump’s policies, views

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A dozen executive orders since Donald Trump became the President of the United States. 

“Well, I don’t agree with President Trump on his Muslim ban or immigration ban, but I do think we need to keep the country safe. I do think we need to make sure we keep our borders safe and secure. I don’t agree with him about that,” said former U.S. Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. 

Landrieu doesn’t agree with every policy President Trump is bringing to the forefront, but she does agree with some of his ideas. 

“There’s some interesting things he’s talking about that would be helpful to Louisiana. A few, not many but a few, and one of them is reducing some regulations that could potential help us to restore our coasts better,” explained Landrieu. 

That is why Landrieu along with other state leaders, including former Governor Kathleen Blanco at LSU to discuss one big issue here in our state… our wetlands. 

“His call for infrastructure, if that infrastructure includes coastal restoration and water infrastructure and levees,and dams, absolutely, it will benefit Louisiana,” said Landrieu.  

“I mean, I want every president and every governor to be successful because when the leaders succeed then the country succeeds, our state, succeeds, our people succeed, but we don’t know yet. It started off with so much turmoil. It’s hard to look down the road and feel confident about anything so far, but I’m hopeful,” concluded Blanco.  

Landrieu and Blanco were part of the America’s Wetland Foundation Summit at the Lod Cook Hotel. The focus is to address issues facing Louisiana’s coasts.


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