Love the Boot Week, April 17-23, 2023, is Louisiana’s Largest Litter Cleanup

PINVILLE, La. (WNTZ) – On Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 9am until noon, Keep Pineville Beautiful will host KPB Kickoff Cleanup as part of Love the Boot Week, Louisiana’s largest litter cleanup effort held in conjunction with Earth Week, April 17-23, 2023. Love the Boot Week is organized by Keep Louisiana Beautiful and supported by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

KPB will have members of the KPB group, Pineville Employees, local churches, businesses and Civic organizations take part in the first ever Keep Pineville Beautiful Love The Boot cleanup event. To get your group involved, contact KPB Director Doug Gann at

“Keep Pineville Beautiful, under the guidance of Pineville Mayor Rich Dupree, believes that Pineville’s citizens must band together to fight the Litter problem we all face today”, says KPB Director Doug Gann. “Now is the time to call on every resident, worker and all those that call Pineville HOME in some way, to take ownership of our beloved City and her cleanliness.”

Litter is not a new problem for Louisiana’s 64 parishes. For decades, litter has become increasingly detrimental to our communities, leading to a multitude of repercussions such as:

  • Blight on natural areas, cities, towns, roadways, and waterways
  • Death of wildlife due to polluted habitats
  • Decline in quality of life in neighborhoods
  • A negative impact on economic development, infrastructure, and tourism
  • Flooding caused by storm drains clogged with litter and debris

Despite spending over $40 million in litter abatement each year, Louisiana is still experiencing shocking levels of litter statewide.

“Sportsman’s Paradise won’t be litter-free overnight, but by coming together during Love the Boot Week, we can bring awareness to the issue and take steps toward achieving a more beautiful Louisiana,” says Susan Russell, Executive Director of Keep Louisiana Beautiful.

Following the conclusion of Love the Boot Week, Keep Louisiana Beautiful will release an outcomes report summarizing the collective impactof the registered cleanup and beautification events. This report will include the total number of events, volunteers, bags of trash collected, pounds of trash collected, and other relevant statistics.

Volunteers can register for KPB’s cleanup event at Questions about this specific event should be directed to the event organizer, Doug Gann, KPB Director, at or 318.449.5660.

Love the Boot Week is made possible by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Coca-Cola,and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

For more information about Love the Boot Week, visit or contact

About Keep Pineville Beautiful

Keep Pineville Beautiful is a community-wide commitment to keeping Pineville litter free through the processes set forth within Keep Louisiana Beautiful. With their dedication to education, enforcement, awareness, and involvement, we can all do our part to Keep Pineville Beautiful.

About Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Keep Louisiana Beautiful is an anti‐litter and community improvement non-profit organization focused on achieving a clean and beautiful Louisiana through education, enforcement, public awareness, and community engagement. Keep Louisiana Beautiful is affiliated with Keep America Beautiful and comprised of a statewide network of 40 Community Affiliates and seven University Affiliates. Learn more at