IPSO Won’t Be Charged With Civil Rights Violations In Connection With Fatal Shooting Of Victor White

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The Department of Justice has decided to not pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against anyone with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office who was connected to the fatal shooting of Victor White III.

Federal officials informed the White family of the decision today.

Back in March of 2014, Victor was arrested after deputies found marijuana and cocaine in his possession.

Investigators say White shot himself in the chest while handcuffed inside the police unit.

However, some have argued that White couldn’t have pulled that off and must have been shot by the arresting deputies.

According the DOJ, video footage from earlier that night shows White reaching around to his front pants pocket area while handcuffed behind his back.

Both the state coroner and medical experts concluded that White fired the shot while handcuffed because of the gunshot residue on his hands.

An autopsy revealed a gunshot wound to the chest, with the bullet entering on the right side below the right nipple and exiting on the left side of the chest near the armpit.

The US Attorney’s Office, along with the Civil Rights Division and FBI determined there no violation of any federal criminal civil rights statutes.

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