Gruver’s parents respond LSU kicking off Phi Delta Theta


The Greek Life community at LSU officially shut down Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, stemming from the death of freshman pledge Maxwell Gruver last fall.

“We feel good about the decision of getting rid of the fraternity,” said Steve Gruver.

His son Maxwell Gruver died as a pledge for Phi Delta Theta, LSU has officially kicked the fraternity off campus for the next 14 years.

On LSU’s campus most students don’t seem to want to talk about Gruver or LSU’s decision but one freshman student did.

“You know, I would say enough is enough, once you’ve killed a student from excess drinking,” said “Dallas Bertolet.

Bertolet is not in a fraternity, but thinks LSU made the right decision.

“I think it’s an appropriate response from the administration,” said Bertolet.

LSU said “any evidence of an underground pledge class” or off campus social could result in an extension of the chapter being banned past 2032.

“He was a really good kid that just loved life,” said Rae Ann Gruver.

Rae Ann misses her son and Steve misses just being cheered up.

“You are going to smile because he always made you laugh and he did. I miss him making me laugh,” said Steve Gruver.

Nothing can bring back their son but LSU’s decision to kick Phi Delta Theta off campus they feel was the right decision.

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