Gov. Edwards vs. A.G. Landry: Court date postponed

Local News
November 29 is the new date Governor John Bel Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry are going to battle it out in court. 
Back in September, the Governor and the Attorney General had a meeting to discuss dozens of state contracts the AG denied, and it all stems back to the non-discrimination executive order issued by the governor back in April. The goal is to stop state agencies and private companies from discriminating against LGBTQ+ employees. The AG later argued the executive order saying it could not legally be enforced. 
Political Analyst Jeremy Alford tells us this battle goes deeper than this executive order. 
“When you have two statewide elected officials butting heads on not only this, but a number of other issues, legal issues, there is no where else to end up, but in court,” said Alford. “Look, there are politics all over this thing because you have a governor who is definitely running for re-election, and you have an attorney general, by all appearances seems to be gearing up to run for governor against the Governor in 2019. Both men feel very strongly about their stances.”
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