Elections may see lower voter turnout

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With elections only days away, voter turnout is expected to see a drop compared to last year’s turnout. With early voting stats off about 10 percent from last November, the question becomes are voters really invested in this year’s elections?

“Turnout could end up being somewhere in the mid 40’s, which is really nothing to brag about.” said Jeremy Alford, publisher of LaPolitics.com.

“So what we are seeing is really a lack of voter interest to vote, and really a lack to get involved in these elections.”

The lack of interest may stem from the over saturation of politics due to presidential candidates making up so much of media over the last six months.

“People are turning on the tv and seeing Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Hillary Clinton and the fact that we have local races just kind of seems besides the point.” said University of Louisiana’s Dr.Pearson Cross.

Another factor may just be voters are still a little worn down from last year’s US Senate race that saw so much negative campaigning statewide.

“I think what really are more at play is that we all survived a contentious and somewhat spiteful US Senate race last year and when it ended we jumped right into the gubernatorial election.” said Alford.

“So you have to wonder if people are not just burnt out on Louisiana politics.”

While early voting numbers may be down for the state, the city of Lafayette and Acadiana are expected to have one of the largest turnouts come election due to major political offices up for grabs, as well as the growth the region has seen in recent years.

“We just recently reached the status of the third largest metropolitan statistical district, and we are growing fast.” said Dr.Cross.

“There are more voters coming over here, so I think more and more attention will be paid to Acadiana in the future.”

With many decisions needed to be made by voters, the top one still remains making the decision to get out and vote.

“We need to go and tell them what we think. We should reward the people who are doing what they should be doing and punish those people who should be out of office. So that’s why it is important.” said Dr. Cross. 

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