Cajuns football facing NCAA allegations

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Many Cajun fans went to bed Saturday night with a smile on their face thanks to 49-27 win over Texas State to start Sun Belt Conference play.

Unfortunately fans woke up the next morning to find the NCAA released allegations accusing former UL assistant coach David Saunders of engaging in ACT fraud, payment for a recruit’s living and educational expenses, providing misleading and/or false information to the NCAA enforcement staff and refusing to provide information relevant to the NCAA investigation.

UL Athletic Director Scott Farmer spoke today, but due to the ongoing investigation could only say so much.

“The NCAA investigated us. The notice of allegations is what they believe are the rule violations on our program and all of those supporting documents that they found to make those allegations.” said Farmer.

The big question for many Ragin Cajun fans is how does this year’s team deal stay focused on the season at hand while their program is being put under a microscope through investigations.

“These kids have more going on now with school, girlfriends, football, and everything. You almost have to be ADD these days to make it in life with all of the things going on.” said Coach Hud.

“Our kids are good boys, they work hard, and I do not see it being any issue.”

With the news of the allegations still making their way around the community, we spoke to residents to see what their initial reaction was to the initial report that came out Sunday.  

“It didn’t seem too conclusive. Now if the evidence is right and they are wrong, then they deserve some punishment.” said Andre Arceneaux of Lafayette.

“Honesty it’s just a game, but I do not believe in dishonesty. I can’t see why they would want to cheat for a game.” said Shelia Romero of Lafayette.

Some residents say the whole university should not have to suffer due to one person.

“It’s not really the university’s fault too much if one person out of the whole university did this. So you can’t condemn the whole university when dealing with the problem.” said Joey Rabalais of Lafayette.

Until the case comes to a close Farmer says the university will no longer be talking publicly about the investigation.

The university indicated it would vacate the entire 2011 football season, including the program’s New Orleans Bowl victory against San Diego State.

The school contemplated self-imposing a postseason ban for this season, but “determined that such a penalty would be unduly severe to address violations committed by a single individual that were in no way indicative of systemic, program-wide noncompliance with NCAA rules.

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