Cajundome rennovations are good for city

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When construction broke ground for the Cajundome back in 1982 the city of Lafayette knew the brand new facility was going to play a large role in bringing tourism to the city, and for the past three decades the facility has done just that.

But now with the Cajundome starting to show a few signs of aging, Lafayette’s largest landmark is about to move back to the forefront with big renovations coming early next year.

“This is the biggest renovation ever in the 30 year history of the Cajundome. It’s going to be significant and it’s going to be a game changer.” said Cajundome Director Greg Davis.

“When you walk into the newly renovated facility, you are going to notice that it is a renovated and it will look almost brand new.”

The renovations will see the arena seating expand by an additional 800-1,000 seats, while becoming more cost friendly to those who book the venue.

“These renovations will not only add seats, but we will become a lot more efficient and therefore driving down the cost of producing events. So that should be our ace in the hole.” said Cajundome Assistant Director/Booking, Pam DeVille.

The renovations are not just about making the Cajundome look good, but also bringing the 30 year old stadium into modern times.

“This upgrade is going to keep us on the cutting edge.” said Davis. “It’s going to continue to having the facility be attractive and be a very significant part in to the overall entertainment quality of life in the area and also to the economic development of the area.”

Part of that economic development stems from the tourism that the Cajundome already traditionally attracts.

“They have an economic impact on this community. They buy gas, go to the mall, and going out to eat.” said DeVille.

“So we really are driving a lot of the economic impact with these events.”

The 20 million dollar renovations will not only move the the Cajundome forward in the entertainment industry, but will also help move the city of Lafayette along with it.

The Cajundome will close their doors in May of 2016 to begin renovations that are expected to last five to six months. Renovations include new concessions, roof cleaning, and updated seating in the bowl area of the arens.

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