ALEXANDRIA, La. (WNTZ) – FOX 48 got the chance to learn a bit more about Alexandria’s new Hyundai dealer, Bob Giles.

I hear you have some other automotive markets in Louisiana

We have a Nisssan Suburu and Volvo dealership in Lafayette, a Nissan dealership in Opelousas, and another Volvo dealership in El Paso , Tx.

What brought you to Alexandria

We love the Hyundai product, and we’re looking to grow our organization, gaining more automotive dealerships and found an opportunity to be involved with a great community.

We see you create amazing opportunities with Giles Gives Back

There’s a website This just came from my desire to give back to the Acadiana area. Its been great to me, and where I met my wife, raise our children. I felt its important to lead by example for individuals and other businesses. We work with several non-profit organizations there so they can impact the community.

I hear you are the time dealer of the year?

The Time Dealer of The Year. Its an award that has been given out 53 years to one dealer. There’s about 16000 dealers in the US. I was fortunate enough to have my father with me. He brought me to my first Time convention 50 years ago. I remember wondering what they’ve done to earn such distinction. So, to be honored with receiving that award and having my father there was something I’ll never forget.

If someone wanted to walk your path, how would they do that?

The automobile business has a tremendous amount of opportunity. Our employees make higher than average. They can go to our website and fill an application, or they can stop by our office and fill one out.