ALEXANDRIA, La. (WNTZ) – With the coming of spring, Doce Vida is sifting changes through their menu to bring more hometown Brazilian meals for Cental Louisiana to experience. Hearing about these alterations, FOX48’s Kelvin Spears was lucky enough to receive a menu tasting invitation with the owner, Neila Craig.

National recognition for Doce Vida

First thing’s first, Neila Craig’s Doce Vida Brazilian Bakery has been chosen to represent international manufacturer Panebras USA, within her new line-up of baked goods!

Continue reading below to learn more about these newly available Brazilian favorites in Alexandria.

Cafe Pilao (Coffee)

The Cafe Pilao is a full-bodied coffee, made with dark roast and finely ground beans coming from the best planting regions of Brazil.

Pao de Queijo

Pao de Queijo is a Brazillian Cheese Bread made from tapioca flower and cheese. This means its gluten free! This simple bread is great treat especially if you’re on the go.

Paozhino de Queio

Cracklin Baguettes

Yes, you read that right. The crumbly crisp of the outside is incredibly deceiving given the soft, airy qualities it enwraps. Throughout the baguette, were the finest of cracklin cuts; minced into pleasant pockets of crunch that neither overpowered in texture nor flavor. This is an interesting twist on two traditional dishes beloved by Louisiana and receives a certified “must try” from WNTZ.



This might be the most addictive addition to the Doce Vida’s menu, so far. Coxinha roughly translates from Portugues as “little chicken thigh.” Neila explains, this crispy croquette “is a favorite street food in Brazil. Some places add a cheese, which really lightens it up.”

The Coxinha’s dough is made from a mixture of chicken broth, butter, and flour wrapping around shredded chicken seasoned to perfection, then deep fried.

Menu items coming soon


Those of you accustomed to creole cuisine may be familiar with the likes of polenta especially if you grew up on cheese grits. Doce Vida uses a finely ground cornmeal that rivals the airy powders of Pilao Brazilian coffee. Once the porridge is cooked down with garlic and olive oil, its cooled, sliced, and deep fried for the perfect consistency.

Mandioca Yucca Root

The Mandioca Yucca Root is served as an appetizer in many Brazilian steakhouses with parmesan shredded cheese, then baked into a roll.

Yucca, also known as the better potato, has been used in stews for centuries. Not only do yucca have the wholesome feel of eating downhome potatoes, but its known for its anti-inflammatory properties and richness in nutrients.

Brazilian Hotdogs

Ok, imagine this; tomato-based sauce with sauteed onions, bell peppers, and a frank placed in a salty French roll covered in cheese and extra thin shoestring potato fries. Exactly, we can’t wait until Doce Vida unleashes this treat either.

Take some time, and explore your backyard.