ALEXANDRIA, La. (WNTZ) — At approximately 1:30 PM this afternoon, Alexandria Utility System (“AUS”) Water Department crews responded to calls concerning an apparent water leak on Applewhite St. near its intersection with 9th St.  Upon arrival crews determined the 16” water main along Applewhite St. was leaking heavily causing localized street flooding.  Crews are in the process of isolating the area of the leak and excavating the line in order to make repairs; repairs are expected to last well into the evening and night tonight.  Currently customers along Applewhite St. between 7th and 10th Streets may be without water service until repairs are completed.

Customers in the vicinity of the leak as well as in the downtown area may have noticed a temporary drop in water pressure that has now stabilized.  System pressure will continue to build and return to normal levels as the system’s elevated storage tanks refill overnight.  At this time there are no boil advisories or orders as a result of the leak.  Customers currently without water service can expect to be under a boil advisory once water service is restored later tonight.  The City is also aware some customers are experiencing discolored water at this time; this is a result of increased production to compensate for water lost to the leak; the City will begin flushing main lines to eliminate the discoloration once system pressure returns to near normal levels.  Customers are requested to report discolored water complaints via the AlexConnects app.

AUS crews as well as contract resources are working to make repairs and restore service as quickly and safely as possible.  We appreciate your patience during this extraordinary event. 

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