FORT RUCKER, Ala. (WDHN) — Since he was a child, Jesus Goytia knew he wanted to serve in the military.

Despite growing up as a Puerto Rican American, he was unfamiliar with his Hispanic heritage due to his upbringing from the Polish side of his family. But joining the U.S. Army changed the way he saw his culture.

“I was not that familiar with my Hispanic heritage but joining the military, being a part of the diverse and multi-cultural Army that we are in, I really have learned a lot as I’ve grown up, I call myself a lifelong learner,” Sgt. Maj. of Fort Rucker’s Directorate of Public Safety, Jesus Goytia said. “My Spanish has improved, I’ve learned a lot about myself, where I come from, my family.”

Since its existence, the U.S. Military has molded recruits from diverse ethnic groups and races to serve as one in America’s armed services and continues celebrate all heritages.

“We do a very good job of understanding the cultural diversity that it takes for all the people who join the military,” Goytia said. “Bringing all those cultures and people together, and forming a team, it’s really what it’s all about.”

Being in the Army has led Goytia in his personal mission to locate family members right here in the wiregrass, which has flamed his desire to learn even more about where he comes from.

“With in the past few weeks I’ve learned that there are a couple other either Goytia descendants or family members here in the Wiregrass area that I’m still trying to make contact with,” Goytia said. “So it’s really a small world and it’s really being in the army that has brought it full force for me to really understand and learn where I come from.”