Lack of disinfecting items led to a man creating his own hand sanitizer


In just about every drug store across the capital city, you’ll hear these words.

“We’re out of hand sanitizers.”

“We’ve been out for days.”

Due to the rising number of Corona Virus cases in the U.S., people are going the extra mile to stay safe.

“Standard procedures with your everyday life as with this, too” said Maple Turner.

While some say buying a lot of disinfectant products is excessive.

“That, that’s crazy, that’s blowing my mind” said Jules Sompayrac

Others believe, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

“I think it’s good that they are preparing themselves for whatever they feel they need to” said Turner.

Online, prices for items such as hand sanitizer are increasing well above the retail price. That has now led to one man’s creativity, making his own.

“I went on Amazon and I was like they’re price gauging and this doesn’t makes sense.”

Justin Stewart said, he couldn’t believe what people were charging and decided to take matters into his own hands.

“It was very simple and I was like let me Google something real quick.”

After purchasing the items, Stewart said, he created a DIY project, proved to be effective.

“As long as the alcohol percentage in your mixture is 60 percent alcohol, you can still get the same effect” said Stewart.

As the cases grow and scares become more intense. People say, they’ll continue to take precaution and listen to medical professionals.

“Good hand washing and whatever the doctor says, take your precautions and it’ll work out.”

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