‘There’s nowhere for her to go’: KCK family told COVID-19 patient will be kicked out of hospital


KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A trip from California to Kansas City, Kansas, has turned into a nightmare for one woman visiting family.

Judith Ellison-Roland contracted COVID-19 during her trip and has spent weeks on a ventilator at Providence Medical Center.

The 68-year-old’s family said hospital staff is trying to discharge the woman, even though she’s still sick and has nowhere to stay.

“They said it is nowhere for her to go, due to not having any insurance, not because they didn’t have any placement for her,” said Roland’s daughter, Jamille Roland. “The issue was, they didn’t do the research for her proper insurance. She’s from California, There is no way she can get on a plane and go home.”

Roland and other family members said the situation is a nightmare.

After months of isolation, Roland made the flight from California to KCK in early August for her grandchild’s birthday.

Within a matter of days, she began feeling sick and was taken by ambulance to Providence Medical Center and eventually placed on a ventilator.

A month later, her family said Roland is still too weak to stand up and still has trouble breathing.

“What is the problem? She’s on Medicare. She has additional insurance, yet every day, every day we had to go through, saying we are going to put her out because we can’t talk to anybody. We can’t find anybody,” said Roland’s sister, Deloris Williams. “Is there anybody in the whole entire Kansas City area who can help my sister?”

Williams said she has called the hospital and insurance agencies several times trying to get answers with no luck.

“The last thing I had this morning, I don’t know, the insurance isn’t going to pay. She doesn’t have anything right now, and that’s not true,” Williams said.

While the hospital said they cannot comment directly on patient cases, they sent FOX4 a statement saying, in part:

“Like anyone we care for at Providence, we rely on physicians when people are admitted, treated and discharged. We work with case management team to find best solutions for each patient.”

But her family isn’t buying it.

“Look at the picture. My sister has COVID. She needs rehab, and here she sits in a wheelchair with oxygen, and there is nowhere to go. There has to be an answer. This is not unique. This is why people are dying,” Williams said.

The family said after the birthday party, they all tested positive for the coronavirus and have since recovered.

Even though Roland is slowly recovering, she is still testing positive.

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