COVID-19 survivor returns home to Ruston after battling the virus for 58 days


RUSTON, La (08/04/20) — William Rasberry’s journey with COVID-19 started two months ago after coming home from vacation.

“I started running a fever and then I went to the Northern Louisiana Medical Center on the 4th…and I don’t remember much after that,” said William Rasberry, Nurse Practitioner at Pecan Haven Addiction & Recovery Center.

“He had COVID pneumonia in both lungs. He stayed there just trying to re-coop as much as he could, but his condition kept deteriorating,” said Angie Rasberry, Nurse at Jackson Parish Hosptial.

That was the moment doctors decided to fly Rasberry to Shreveport.

“Dr. Tommy intubated him and then gave me a call to let me know that it just really didn’t look good, he thought William wouldn’t make it to LSU, he said I just wanna prepare you for that,” said Rasberry.

While in Shreveport, a phone call brought joy to a dark situation.

“And they let her Facetime with me even though I didn’t know what was going on, she was able to see me and see that I was there,” said Rasberry.

The battle with COVID-19 seemed to get better, but after three weeks on the ventilator, Rasberry got an infection that set recovery back. That’s when doctors decided to trach him and eventually take him off the ventilator.

“I didn’t remember anything. It was almost like I was still at Northern Louisiana Medical Center and it was a couple of days later…it was 47 days later,” said Rasberry.

“After that he started to get better every single day and things just started to turn around. They got two negatives so it’s like when the COVID is gone, the COVID is gone. Now the body has to heal from what the COVID has caused,” said Rasberry.

Over the last two months, Rasberry’s wife says prayer and faith in God is what kept her positive as her husband fought for his life for 58 days.

“I said God if you’re gonna take him, go ahead and take him. I didn’t want him suffering anymore and after I said that, this calming feeling came over me of he’s gonna be okay and he’s gonna make it, it’s just gonna take time,” said Rasberry.

Now after battling the virus and two weeks of therapy at Ruston Regional, Rasberry returned home.

Rasberry’s wife and son both contracted COVID-19 as well, but it didn’t affect them the way it did to William. The family says they’re thankful for the community and everyone who helped them financially over the past few months. They say while it’s a long road of recovery, they’re thankful william is home safe and negative from COVID-19.

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