ALEXANDRIA, LA (WNTZ) – Louisiana Central is excited to announce the celebration of Manufacturing Month throughout the month of October. This initiative will put a spotlight on Central Louisiana’s powerful manufacturing industry while showcasing the reality and future of this sector and its impact on Central Louisiana.

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As Louisiana Central aims to celebrate local manufacturing companies, highlight new investments, emphasize well-paying career opportunities, and introduce students to education opportunities and the vast potential within the manufacturing sector, Manufacturing Month promises to be a month-long celebration of growth and opportunity.

“A key goal of Manufacturing Month is to communicate to community members the opportunities available right here at home. Many people are not aware of the diverse manufacturing industry that exists within this region,” Louisiana Central Program Coordinator Javonti Thomas said. “Throughout the month of October, manufacturers are opening their doors to allow middle and high school students to see the innovative technology, science and work it takes to create the ‘Good Stuff’ made in Central Louisiana.”

Louisiana Central recognizes the significant role that manufacturing plays in driving the local economy, creating jobs, and fostering innovation. Louisiana Central aims to provide opportunities for middle and high school students to tour facilities and learn about the manufacturing process by partnering with local manufacturers and higher education institutions. By shedding light on the transformative nature of this sector, the organization aims to inspire investment, collaboration, and strategic partnerships that will contribute to sustained economic growth in the region. 

In addition, Louisiana Central is working to introduce underrepresented populations to the rewarding careers available locally in manufacturing. Louisiana Central in partnership with the United Way of Central Louisiana will be hosting a Second Chance Job Fair on Oct. 20 at the Alexandria Mall from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. 

A crucial aspect of Manufacturing Month is highlighting the investments from new and existing industries choosing to locate in Central Louisiana, such as SunGas Renewables and Ucore who are moving towards clean & green energy. These investments demonstrate the region’s appeal as a prime destination for manufacturing. Louisiana Central is proud to showcase these industry partnerships and the economic opportunities they bring, reinforcing the region’s position as a manufacturing hub.

“Louisiana Central focuses on both new industry attraction and the growth and expansion of existing industries,”  Lafe Jones, Vice President of Louisiana Central said.  “We realize we need to support local manufacturers in promoting the impact the manufacturing sector has on our region, as well as the great careers in manufacturing available now and in the future. This sector is expected to continue to grow even more over the next few years. 

Furthermore, Manufacturing Month will shed light on the well-paying and fulfilling career opportunities available within the manufacturing sector. Louisiana Central is committed to exposing students to these diverse career paths. Through partnerships with educational institutions and interactive events, Manufacturing Month will expose the region’s next generation to the rewarding careers awaiting them in Central Louisiana’s manufacturing industry. This focus on students ensures a continuous pipeline of skilled workers who can contribute to the growth and competitiveness of Central Louisiana’s manufacturing industry.

Louisiana Central invites the public, industry professionals, and students to join in the month-long celebration of Manufacturing Month. In addition to a month-long digital media campaign, the organization has invited industry leaders to be guest speakers at local meetings in October, discuss exciting industry news on local radio and television shows, and will provide written stories through digital and print media. By attending events, engaging in educational activities, and exploring career opportunities, participants will gain a deeper appreciation for the manufacturing sector’s vital role in Central Louisiana’s economy.

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